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Underwater Smoked Tote Small

Underwater Smoked Tote Small

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Sartorial simplicity and irresistible utilitarian charm make the Small Smoked Tote a versatile fashion accessory for day, evening, or a special occasion. Its light, durable construction brings form and function with a handcrafted feel. Unique and sturdy wrapped handles allow for comfort. Enjoy color variations in the natural rattan fibers.

Designed and Hand-made in the US
Beautiful color variation from the natural rattan fibers
100% Rattan
Due to the free-hand-woven nature of this item, each piece is bespoke, and the shape and size may vary slightly.

Made for indoor use
Store in a dry place indoors
Wipe clean with a dry cloth
The natural materials of this product are flexible. If misshapen during shipping or use, run the area under cold water to loosen the material and firmly mold it back to shape

Approximately 8L x 5.5W x 7.5H

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