About Us

Underwater Weaving is a basket atelier, creative weaving studio and community. We make hand woven, one-of-a-kind contemporary baskets for the trade, retail and private commission. Through group weaving gatherings we endeavor to revive the craft of basketry, encourage creative freedom, and offer access to mediation through hand-mind connectivity and craft.

Founder Erin Pollard observed the craft of basketry as a child, watching her mother weave and teach in Maine.  After almost two decades working in fashion in New York and long after her mother retired, Erin began weaving a new path. Through sharing her woven art, it became clear that many others were seeking an antidote to modern day ennui; a way to reclaim their hands. Soon, Erin and her mother began designing and creating together and Underwater Weaving Studio was born. 


From a literal standpoint, soaking weaving materials from vines or trees underwater softens the fibers and they become easier to use. 

But the studio name has a few more layers. The term “Underwater Basket Weaving” started popping up in the 1950s, and some argue earlier when vocational studies were introduced in education. “Underwater Basket Weaving” is a reference to university courses considered useless or supposedly absurd, and also to the perceived decline in educational standards. There is an intentional humor behind the application of the name.

Underwater Weaving explores baskets within the context of fashion, interiors, feminism and culture today. The work ranges from organic and lyrical abstractions, to minimalist utility baskets. Underwater Weaving has collaborated with brands including Maria McManus, Ulla Johnson, Gigi Burris, Orior, and Rhode Clothing. 

The world is your oyster.