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Garlic Basket

Garlic Basket

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This hand-made, organically shaped basket is an open-weave hanging vessel for preserving garlic in the kitchen or pantry. Its long, awkward silhouette mimics the mesh sleeve you might find at the market. Each basket is individually crafted and the weave embraces the material variations, so no two will be exactly alike. 

Designed and Hand-crafted by Erin and Peggy Pollard
Beautiful color variation from the natural rattan fibers
100% Rattan
Due to the free-hand-woven nature of this item, each piece is bespoke, and the shape and size may slightly vary
Hand-made in the US

Made for indoor use
Store in a dry place
The natural materials of this product are flexible. If misshapen during shipping, run the product under cold water to loosen the material and firmly mold it back to shape

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